Mandatory Equipment

By team :

  •  1 compass

  • 1 phone switched on(with a waterproof protective cover for rafting)

  • 1 Sport Ident electronic punch (yours or you can rent it the D-Day with the organization)

  • Numbered bag with white water’s equipment,  that the organization will carry you to the Rafting start


  •  1  mountain bike
  • Water (1L minimum at the starting line),
  • Energy food (only one refreshment point before white water rafting)
  •  1 whistle
  • 1 backpack which can hold all equipment throughout the race (including your running shoes to carry during the mountain biking, if you do mountain biking with cleated shoes)
  •  1 survival blanket
  • 1 approved multi-function helmet (kayak and mountain bike (european norm) or 1 mountain bike helmet and specify that you need a kayak helmet when you register online
  • 1  long John type neoprene suit+ gore tex jacket (you can book this equipment with the organisers)
  • 1 pair of closed, slip-on shoes for rafting or canoe-rafting
  • Personal paddle allowed (must to be included in the “white water bag”)