A weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Raid Gauloises! The program of this anniversary weekend :

The program of this anniversary weekend :

An adventure race which combines orienteering, mountain biking, rafting, and running.

A gala reception with a special dinner with local products for participants and a large screen projection.

The choice of two adventure races:

In co-ed teams of four racers: especially suitable for former Raid Gauloises’ racers and also for other adventurer teams!

In co-ed teams of two : suitable for everyone!

Assets :

  • Beautiful scenery
  • The presence of adventure racing legends 
  • High quality route
  • An exceptionnal  17 km rafting route

NOT TO BE MISSED : from 7th to 12 th July, the area will host the “O’ France”, orienteering event. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy several days of orienteering and then adventure racing on 13th July.  Link to  O’ FRANCE