Being aware of dangers that threaten our environment, we want to reduce our impact and therefore present an environmentally friendly event.

We want raise awareness among our staff, participants and the general public to the need to react to limit our ecological footprint and to preserve flora, fauna and the natural environment that surround us.

It’s start with the choice of the event’s site which must be reached easily and be far from  special natural environment.

Then, we want to encourage people to use bus and to do carpool ,  and to gather our moving as far as possible

Drive slowly on the outskirts of forests and especially on the event area.

Park cars in the good place, aside from the fields, farmed ground or private property…

Please, don’t cut across the fields, farmed or private ground, except with the organizer’s opinion. Don’t  cross hedge, fence,… 

Be respectful of the tranquility of the others

Clean the place before going and take away your waste

We will call on local partner for catering and drinking.

We want to avoid the use of plastic cuttlery (especially cup), most polluting waste, which, throw in nature, take a lot of time (betwenn 100 and 1000 years) to rot.

Choose reusable or biodegradable dishes. Using of “ecocup” with a refundable system.

To communicate,  we choose the Internet especially for press release, invitations and also for registration form. We limit the printing of posters and flyers widly and we recycle paper.

Waste sorting will be set up  and we  will inform about that topic : blue, yellow and green bins are available there.

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