About us

1989 : First Raid Gauloises in New Zealand :  start of Adventure racing.

Several famous name are associated to this  epic. Gérard FUSIL, Patrick BRIGNOLI, Pierre BEGHIN, Alain GAIMARD, Gérard SUPAU and some others have made the Raid Gauloises  legend.

From a Gérard FUSIL’s idea, Pub Event presided by P. BRIGNOLI, registered the brand in 1987 and became  owner and then producer and promoter of a unique world event whose the organization’s coordination will be ensured by his creator  Gérard FUSIL, from 1988 to 1997 and then will be entrusted with  Alain GAIMARD  from 1998

This raid is the origin of Adventure Racing raids all over the world and those who participated in this adventure will always have incredible memories of this expedition race.

Even today, the organisers around the world, like Pascal BAHUAUD, organiser of the World Championships in November 2018 on the island of Reunion, makes references to his experiences as a runner on the Raid Gauloises, in his design of the route.

Even if this Aventure race has desappeared today, this legendary event remains the stuff of dreams to many raiders and adventurers.

The French Triathlon Federation (FFTRI) wanted to mark the occasion by organizing a friendly sporting event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Raid Gauloises. To this end, Hervé SIMON, the president of the Triathlon mission, assisted by two Nature Sports Management students, Aurore GUEGAN and Thibaut SIMEON, as well as JB CALAIS, based in Vars, have organized this mini-raid + the evening reception to allow all the former participants of the Raid Gauloises and also all those who dreamt of the event, to meet again for a weekend. We will gather during a weekend, those pioneers and competitors. Enjoyable time in sight!